I have always loved documentaries. I used to watch nature documentaries all the time when I was a little girl. Since I first purchased a DSLR a little over two years ago, I have been wanting to film but never had the time or resources to do so. However, my time in Chile proved to be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at my first video. I am first and foremost a photographer (well, first and foremost a biologist, too), but film has always been a second love for me and something I wanted to dip my toes into, and Chile made it all the more enticing.

     Nearly every weekend (that is, if I wasn't working on my project), I filmed in and around the station. I explored and filmed just about everywhere and at any time of the day, crawled in weird spaces, climbed over rocks with one hand while holdimg a tripod, soaked my feet, shot at the crack of dawn, stood in places where there was only enough space for one foot, and did various other precarious things to get good footage. It was well worth my time and I am so thrilled with how well this turned out (also special thanks to Brian Bradley for allowing me to use his track in my video!).

     This is merely a small portion of Chile, a speck in the vastness of the beautiful county. I cannot claim that this is "a video of Chile" only because I shot just a small part of it, but this beautiful little coast boasts the abundant beauty of the country. Whenever I return, I hope to venture out and shoot more locations and places. 

     I hope that both through my video and of course my photography you are able to feel as though you experienced just a little bit of what I saw, of all the ethereal, gorgeous views that I was so grateful to experience every single day.